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Create an event activation that will bring awareness to the AXE Ice Chill Deodorant’s USP “cools your skin by 6°C”, while driving sampling of the New AXE Ice Chill Deodorant.

Big Idea
Enter the Cool


Turning the entrance of an event into a scented misty tunnel that cools people down and hands them samples of AXE Ice Chill before they enjoy the festivities.


WhatsApp Image 2019-12-14 at

Client: AXE

Product: AXE Ice Chill Deodorant

Element: Activation User Journey

Type: Conceptual

Writer: Tshepo Molefe

Title: Enter the Cool

We install a mobile AXE Ice Chill scented misty tunnel at the entrance of each event.

A light mist with the AXE Ice Chill fragrance will dispense as they walk through the tunnel, cooling them down as they enter the event.

As the people are being cooled down, we will play vibey music in the tunnel that will put them in the mood to party. (e.g. Nasty C’s music)

The music will also encourage the people to organically dance and have their photos and boomerangs taken as they are dancing to the music.

At the end of the tunnel, an AXE Personnel will show them how to share their pictures and boomerangs on their social pages under the hashtag #EnterTheCool and will hand out samples of AXE Ice Chill deodorant.

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