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Malta Guinness



Malta Guinness wanted to launch their brand in Ghana. The overarching concept was "Fuel your home celebrations". Using the concept presented, we needed to write a 30-second radio script to launch their brand to the Ghanian market and push sales.


Everyone is capable of great feats when one is in great peril.

Big Idea

Malta gives you that extra boost when faced with a dilemma

Pay-Off Line

"Let's Go"


Radio Ad

Client: Diageo

Product: Malta Guinness Non-Alocholic Malt drink

Element: Radio

Type: Conceptual

Length: 30”

Writer: Tshepo Molefe

Title: Fuel your Family Get Together

SFX: (heavy breathing)


MVO1: You’re working late again. But you are Kwesi. And nothing will stop you from getting to your wife’s birthday dinner. You take a giant gulp of Malta Guinness…


SFX: (Gulp, gulp)


             …and dart through traffic at the speed of a twin turbo okade.


SFX: (Engine revving followed by the screeching of tyres)


You slide through the door with mere seconds to spare as your father-in-law takes his seat at the dinner table.


MVO2: Ah Kwesi. I see you are on time.


MVO3: As always.


MVO2: I’m impressed, son.


MVO1: You’re the man, Kwesi. You’re the man.


MVO1: Fuel Your family get-together with thee energy rich B Vitamins of Malta Guinness. Let’s go

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