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Netflix is an American entertainment service provider that allows users to stream and/or download movies and series that are exclusively available on their site.

Netflix is launching in South Africa and wants DSTV subscribers to subscribe to them instead.

Our task is to not only entice the target market through our campaign but to discredit DSTV in the process. How?

First, as always, we did a lot of desktop research... A lot! Then we conducted surveys to understand why people would rather have a DSTV decoder over Netflix and under which circumstances would they choose Netflix over DSTV.


The most consistent insight was that the content of DSTV was limited and its programme is full of re-runs

Big Idea
Our big idea then became apparent: Show the DSTV subscribers that Netflix has a variety of choices in terms of content. How? By showcasing scenarios that exaggerate the limited choices people have in that circumstances. 


Explosion of choice

Pay Off Line
With such a big idea, the pay off line had to be “EXPLOSION OF CHOICE”


Radio Ad No 1

Client: Netflix
Element: Radio Ad
Type: Conceptual
Length: 30”
Writer: Tshepo Molefe
Title: Faulty Service

FVO: Hi. My name is Steph, and I will be your waiter for today.
MVO: Hi, Steph. I would like to have a T-Bone steak with chips.
FVO: (Hiss sound) I’m afraid, we don’t have steak...
MVO: Oh. Well how about a seafood risotto?
FVO: Yeeaahhh… The last prawns were ordered a few minutes ago…
MVO: (irritated) What about anything with chicken?
FVO: Ohhh… (Awkward pause) there’s no-
MVO: (shouting) What do you have then?!
FVO: (hesitantly) Well… there’s a range of salads over… here…
ANNR: Why wait for what you want when you can have it anytime?
    Netflix. Explosion of choice.

Radio Ad No 2

Client: Netflix
Element: Radio Ad
Type: Conceptual
Length: 30”
Writer: Tshepo Molefe
Title: Short Circuit

SFX: Cardboard door closing.
MVO1: I finally finished watching Narcos
MVO2: And…
MVO1: I got three words. Bomo no…
SFX: Short circuiting sounds start ringing.
MVO3: have y’all watched Marvel’s The Defenders yet?
MVO1: BOOOOYYYYY!!! I thought Matt Murdock was dead!
SFX: Short circuiting sounds get louder.
MVO2: Thank God, there is going to be a 3rd season of Daredevil…
SFX: Short circuiting sounds are now violent and volatile.
MVO2: Ey, Sbu… You okay…?
MVO4: Nah.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Just.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Nachos.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: De-
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Fenders.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Daredevil.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Too.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Much.
SFX: Short circuiting sound
MVO4: Spoilers!
SFX: Explosion sound
ANNR: Don’t let limited content be a buzz kill to your office conversation.
    Netflix. Explosion of choice.

TV Ad No 1
TV Ad No 2

Client: Netflix
Element: Activation
Type: Conceptual
Writer: Tshepo Molefe
Title: Terror Attack

Setting: Mall or any shopping centres in cities. E.g Newtown Junction, North Gate, Cresta Mall, etc
Day: Preferably Saturday, around midday


  1. A particular sounding mall wide alarm will ring across the mall.

  2. We will have about twenty or more people inciting the fear, and screaming “The terrorist are here. Everyone evacuate!” Some will be dressed and civilians. Some will be dressed as security guards 

  3. Those people will then lead the people to a “Safety Point”. This “Safety Point” will have a 4K HD Led Screens and surround sound placed around it.

  4. Once everyone has gathered, a huge explosive sound will play from the surround sound. Smoke screens will go off and the twenty or more people that led the shoppers to the “Safety Point” will shoot Netflix Branded T-shirts to shoppers via a shirt gun

  5. Once the smoke clears out, the TV will display an explosion, before the words “NETFLIX. EXPLOSION OF CHOICE.” Appear.

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