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Between 10 and 5


You have been tasked to create a photo and video essay that critically analyzes a topic of your own choosing. The subject matter must tell an authentic South African story at the level of Vice Magazine. You may use a combination of found footage with your own - 10% found footage, 90% your own. 

6 X photos
45 sec video


Tshepo Molefe - Writer

Caswell Lengoabala - Director and Editor

Mo Matli - Photography, Cinematographer and Editor

Subject of Choice: Buridan's ass
Buridan's ass is an illustration of a paradox in philosophy in the conception of free will. It refers to a hypothetical situation wherein a donkey that is equally hungry and thirsty is placed precisely midway between a stack of hay and a pail of water.


The Big Idea: Life without decision
There is one human being facing the demon that is decision. When his thoughts lead him to consider a decision, a portion of the face contracts to a different direction and is dis-positioned at that point.
Once that consideration is fueled by feelings such as desire, the distorted part of the being’s face further stretches out and becomes a new variation of his own face. Depicting a new version of this being who made a particular decision.
However because of the inability to be decisive, the variation of the being's face reverts back to a distorted/fractured version of the original face.


Photo Essay
Cubism Technique

This image speaks about the conflict that happens in one’s head when contemplating a decision. How many times have you been challenged by a decision that you have to make? This image probes this phenomenon

Long Exposure Technique

There are two women in the subject's life that had a huge impact in his life. When subject thinks about both these women, seems as if both these ladies merge into one filling the gaps each other's imperfections.

Long Exposure was used to communicate how feelings, such as desire fuel a person to make a decision.
On one side, one decision brings feeling of solace & relief. The other decision speaks to discontent.

In this picture, the subject forsakes his dream for the reality that ultimately makes him miserable.
This is a sad reality that any can relate to: Having to choose a career that sustains your livelihood over the reason why you are grateful to draw breath

Fracture Technique

The decision of forsaking the dream is not a choice one makes without consequences. In this picture, the subject seems to be “stalked” by the deferred dream. This dream seems to call the subject urging him to pursue his purpose. 

One way or another, we all know who or what we are but because of society’s norms, we silence the desire to be ourselves. In this picture, the viewer peaks into the subject’s deepest desire: to be themselves and accepting this version of himself. However the decision of not acting on this wish “fractures” his outlook on essentially who he is. 


Client: Between 10 and 5

Element: Video

Type: Conceptual

Length: 47”

Writer: Tshepo Molefe

Title: Life without decision

Cubism Technique
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